اللهم يا ربّي و يا الهى و اله كلّشئ
افعل بنا ما انت اهله و لا تكلنا الى انفسنا و لا الى احد سواك طرفة عين و ابسط لنا يا ربّ خير الدنيا و الآخرة و اصرف عنّا شّر الدنيا و الآخرة و استـُرنا و اخبرنا و انصرنا و طهّرنا و كمّلنا و علّمنا و اسعدنا بك يا خير مأمول و اكرم مسئول يا ارحم الراحمين

O God, O my Lord, O my God and the God of all things! Do with us as is worthy of Thee! And Leave us not to ourselves nor entrust us to anyone save Thee for even a twinkling of an eye! And spread out before us, O Lord, the good of this world and the hereafter, and avert us from the evil of this world and the hereafter! And sheild us and inform us and aid us and purify us and perfect us and teach us, and make us felicitous in Thee, O fairest hope and most beneficent answerer, O most compassionate mercifier!

— Suhrawardi’s concluding prayer in the *Kitab Hikmat al-Ishraq* (The Book of the Theosophia of Illumination), my translation.


Hûrakhsh = Sol Splendidus , Resplendent Sun, i.e. the Sun in its active Archangelic theophanic modality, which the Avesta hails “as the most beautiful manifestation of Ohrmazd,” the Godhead. Suhrawardî designates Hûrakhsh as the theurgy of the Archangel Shahrîvar (in the Avesta one of the Amahraspands known as Xshathra Vairya, “Desirable Reign,”precisely identified as “having the appearance of the Sun…”) This translation below is from Henry Corbin’s French in tome 2 of En islam iranien.

Blessed be the Most Luminous of beings endowed with life and thought, the Most Manifest of Persons, the Brightest of Stars. Hail to Thee! May the salutations and benedictions of the Godhead be upon Thee, Sublime Luminary, Most August of the moving stars; You who obey the One from Whom You originate; You Who are moved by the ardor of love for the Inaccessible Majesty of Your Creator. You are Hûrakhsh, the Most Powerful, Vanquisher of darkness, Prince of Heaven, Author of the Day, through the order of the Most High Godhead. You are the King of the Stars, Prince of Persons on High. You reign through the power of the obeyed divine force over the lights incarnated into bodies. You are the Body that dispenses Light, the Vanquisher, the Brilliant One, the Sage, the One surpassing in Excellence. You are the Most Magnificent of the offspring from the spiritual world through your incandescent splendors. You are the Caliph of the Light of Lights in the world of bodies, Who encircles You with a Light that culminates in Its victory. You are an Image of Its Grandeur, an exemplification of Its beauty, Its proof for the eyes of the faithful. Glory to the One who gives You Your Form and Your Light, Who has made You a Mover through ardent desire for It’s Inaccessible Majesty and Who has enshrined You in the Fourth Heaven.

Oh Holy Father! I pray to You that You may pray to the One who displays the Splendor of Your thinking Soul to His Orient, who is Your Father, Your Cause, the object of Your Love and the Principle of Your movement, Whose Shadow and Theurgy (of the Archangel Shahrîvar) You are. Pray with Him to all Archangelic Lights, the immaterial Intelligences, that they may pray in their turn, in that form of prayer that belongs to the eternal world bereft of change and alteration, to the One who is their Father, their cause and the object of their Love; the Most August of Beings, of Primordial Birth, the Light closest to the Principle, Intelligence of the Universe (the Archangel Bahman). May He pray this same way to His God, the God of Gods, eternally subsisting Light of Lights, God of every Intelligence, of every Soul, of every ethereal and elementary body, simple or composed, the Necessary Being. May He pray Him to illuminate my soul with the brightness of the spiritual world, with theophanic knowledge and superior powers. May He pray Him to count me among those who have that nostalgia for Its Light and make me immune to all infirmities of soul and body, to make the faithful of the Light and the mystical Orient triumph. May It bless them and make them holy and us also, for ever and ever. Amen!

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